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Pay Less For Luxury Products...It Makes Scents

How much can we save you...

Welcome to our FM online store, where we offer top quality merchandise at unbeatable prices.

Did you know that when buying perfume, the majority of our money goes towards the cost of advertising, marketing, celebrity endorsements and profit?

That's where we're different! FM offer high quality, long lasting fragrances at very affordable prices.

Please note: We do not sell 'designer inspired' or 'copies'. We sell FM branded products which are of the highest quality. 

All Our Products Are Animal Cruelty Free And We Also Have A Vegan Range.

FM has thousands of items ranging from perfumes and home fragrances to energising coffee and Nutricode health products.

Click on the 'Shop Now' link below to view our vast range of products.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.

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FM Fragrances

Do you wish everything could smell of your favourite FM fragrance?

Whether your favourite scent is floral, musk or even Oud, FM have got you covered. FM have hundreds of luxury long lasting Eau de Parfum in simple yet elegant bottles. We also have candles, reed diffusers, wardrobe fragrances, ironing scents, body balms, shower gels, antiperspirant roll-ons and even hair fragrances all in your favourite scent. Check out our massive FM fragrance range and with prices from £4.50 (with up to 50% off for FM World Distributors) you definitely won't be disappointed!

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The Story of FBL (Fragrancesbylaura)

The Way It Should Be

So not sure where to start but here it goes...Hi all, we are Laura and Taheer, business partners, life partners and proud parents to 2 beautiful children. Having met in a call-centre in 2013, who would have thought we'd be here today.

So in July 2019 when maternity pay for baby number 2 was coming to an end we started looking at how we could make money whilst still spending time at home with the children. We looked in to many different opportunities but nothing seemed quite right.

Come 22nd August, just when we started to lose all hope and were dreading the thought of getting up on a Monday morning and leaving the kids in the care of someone else to do jobs we didn't enjoy, we came across this fantastic opportunity.

Why was this different from the others?


  • Free and easy registration

  • Free to leave if you didn't wish to continue

  • No investment required

  • No need to hold stock

  • Fantastic products that sell themselves

And so much more.

Fast forward to today, we're sat together writing this whilst watching monkeys jumping around on the TV and our own monkeys trashing our living room.

How much our lives have changed since joining FM World is difficult to put in to words. We've gone from being a brand conscious couple struggling to make ends meet to using and distributing amazing and affordable products. We're now preparing to go on our 3rd holiday in 5 months in a couple of days and we're looking forward to qualifying for a brand new Mercedes car real soon. From the freedom of working when and where we want, to the amazing commissions, bonuses and incentives, this journey has just been incredible.

We can't thank FM World and the beautiful people who introduced and supported us through this journey enough for changing our lives and helping set up an incredible future for our little family.

Do you think it's time you make a change? Click on the link below to start your own amazing journey with full support and guidance from us throughout or get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank You!

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Get In Touch

Join the FM WORLD Club today to enjoy exclusive discounts on our fantastic products and the lifestyle you always dreamed of by making money from home. Start building your future today!
Get in touch if you have any questions!

FBL Group
4th Floor
25 Market Street

WhatsApp: 07775996070

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