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Your Questions Answered

Learn why so many are choosing to work with us everyday.

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What do I have to do?

You will be a business partner for FM World UK (the company whose products we sell).  This means you will have exclusive access to their wholesale website where you can purchase all products at wholesale price and sell them to make an instant retail profit.  
At the end of each calendar month you will also receive a commission payment directly to your bank depending on your sales.  Cash bonuses are also available for achieving certain levels.

Do I have to spend any money?

It is completely FREE to join and there is no obligation to purchase anything, however it is recommended to get a sample kit or at least a few of your favourite perfumes in order to promote them to your contacts.
In your first ten days of signing up you will receive a further discount of 30% off the wholesale price on a number of products.

What products will I be promoting?

There is a range of health and beauty products including perfumes/aftershaves, fragrance candles, fragrance sticks, make up, nutritional supplements, cleaning products to name a few.  The perfumes are their most popular range.  You can see the perfumes on our website to give you an idea.

How much can I earn?

This is all down to your drive.  There are those who earn a few hundred ££s a month and there are those who decide to build their own teams and earn thousands £££s a week.  
The best part is, you will most likely make money the day you start and we can guarantee that you will never lose any money.
We will guide you to maximise your earnings.

How do I get paid?

You will make instant profit on any item that you sell.  You will also receive commission at the end of the month depending on how much you sell.  In addition to profit and commission you can also earn bonuses for achieving certain effectiveness levels. Your sponsor will explain this in more detail during your free training.

How do I promote the products?

Depending on your preference you can start with friends and family and your wider network of contacts.  In addition you can use social media as well as other platforms. Your sponsor will guide you to make most of this opportunity and maximise your income.

How much time do I have to put in?

This is completely up to you. There are no minimum number of hours or minimum sales required. We have members on our team who are doing this full time and we also have members who do this casually.

Bonuses & Incentives

In addition to your retail profit and monthly commissions you also have the opportunity to earn cash bonuses and a “Mercedes for Success” incentive which means you can get a Mercedes car on a lease agreement and FM World UK will pay for it.  Not to mention annual 5 star holidays!  Maldives being the next one! We also have monthly team incentives including perfume bundles, spa days and holidays.

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